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Working Process

The formal accomplishment of our work process cooperates in our possibility to offer our clients a reliable and trustworthy Service.

Being a member of Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) cooperates with our commitment to ethical supplying and continuous improvement.

  • 1

    Briefing meeting

    Interpretation of the brand needs and the goals set by our client.

  • 2

    Creativity & Sourcing

    Brainstorming for appropriate ideas with a multidisciplinary team. Selection of products and suitable suppliers.

  • 3


    Creativity applied to items. Presentation for client.

  • 4

    Client Selection

    Client’s selection of the preferred items.

  • 5

    Commercial Proposal

    Quotation, commercial conditions and delivery times of the selected items.Legal assistance on customs requirements and taxes.

  • 6

    Purchase Order

    Client makes the purchase order.

  • 7

    Production and Quality Control

    Updated information about the production process status.

  • 8

    Consolidation & Transport

    Constant follow-up of the production’s transportation to destination and updated information to the client.

  • 9


    Delivery of the products in final destination, according to the agreed terms.

  • 10

    Post Sale Survey

    Evaluation of the client´s satisfaction level.

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